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Morta is one of the available heroes

The Heroes are the player's avatars in the world of Next Up Hero. There are nine Heroes to choose from. Each Hero has different abilities and statistics.

Collect monster tokens from defeated enemies that can be used to acquire and level up your hero's powerful passive abilities. Combine these abilities with a variety of different items and Ancients for thousands of deadly potential loadouts!

List of Heroes[edit | edit source]

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Each hero can equip up to two abilities, three items and six Ancients. These change the way a hero performs in combat. Abilities add bonus effects to attacks and survivability. Items increase a hero's attack damage, health, speed or defence. Ancients provide powerful boosts to combat situations if echoes are consumed.

Loadout slot Unlocked at hero level
Ability 1 1
Attack item 3
Defence item 5
Accessory item 7
Ability 2 10